Proper: reward coworkers with the props they deserve

Proper: Admin settings

The Admin Settings section of the @Proper app home shows whether admin approval is required for: Changing the @Proper channel setting to auto Default: requires admin approval Approvals and rejections notify only the user requesting the change in addition to other admins. Calling a vote for the next @Proper emoji Default: does not require admin […]

Proper: Channel setting

In the Channel Setting section, choose between manual and auto. Picking auto will add @Proper to all existing and new public channels. By default, an admin needs to approve selection of the auto channel setting. See the Admin Setting section of the @Proper app home and review the corresponding documentation. Picking manual will add @Proper […]

Proper: Leaderboards

The Leaderboards section of the @Proper app home shows the top givers and receivers of props visualized in two bar charts. The current @Proper emoji is shown in the section heading. Props are given by reacting to a message in any channel that @Proper has joined. To adjust the number of rows shown and the […]

Proper: Emoji & voting

The Emoji & Voting section of the @Proper app home shows the current @Proper emoji and results of ongoing and past emoji votes. The default @Proper emoji is 👍. To change the emoji, your team must vote on the successor by clicking Call a vote. Choose an end date for the vote, and select between […]

Proper: App settings

The following settings for @Proper can be configured using the App Settings button near the top of the app home tab: Theme You can choose between Light and Dark themes to match the @Vinyasa app home to your Slack client setting. Navigation You can choose between Drawers and Pages to change the UI of the […]

Proper: Quick start

Before you get started, make sure you have completed installation. Navigate to the @Proper app home. To find it, search @Proper in the Jump to search bar. Make sure you are on the Home tab. Certain actions and events in @Proper can be configured to require Slack admin approval. Changing the @Proper channel setting to […]

Proper: Install

Click the Add to Slack button on the on the app page. Slack will require you to be logged in to complete the install. Next you will be asked to allow @Proper the necessary Slack app scopes. You will be returned to after a successful installation.